The Professional Conduct Panel, having regard to the findings, may impose one or more of the sanctions detailed in the relevant protocol.

Lifting of Sanctions

The Member Complained Against may make application to the Chief Executive for the sanction to be lifted when the conditions laid down in the sanction have been fulfilled.

The Chief Executive will appoint not less than three people to consider any evidence of compliance. The Sanctions Panel will decide if the requirements of the sanction have been fulfilled and thus, whether the sanction should be lifted.

The Member Complained Against will be notified in writing of any decision made. The lifting of sanction will be published in PTUK’s journal (if the sanction has been published originally). 

Failure or Refusal to Comply with a Sanction

Failure or refusal to comply with the sanction may result in termination of membership. The Chief Executive of PTUK will notify any such decision to the Member Complained Against, in writing. This decision will be published in the PTUK’s journal. 

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